Friday, 19 April 2013

From marketing brands to brand activation..... !!

As society moves into post modernism, new companies have evolved
and older ones have reformed their businesses to meet the changing
needs of people and companies. These companies have listened to their
customers, and they have learned that, both as companies and as
persons, we perceive ourselves as individuals with specific needs.
The enlightened individual is the focal point in the postmodern society.

Today, people are no longer a massive work force, or manipulated
consumers. Each individual brings competence and ideas valuable for
every kind of commercial business. We look upon ourselves as persons
with individual values and preferential needs. An increasing number of
industries have specialized in meeting the increased complexity of the
individual needs. Staffing service, with companies such as Manpower,
have flourished meeting the demands in a rapidly changing global
business environment where flexibility is key to a lot of companies.

Companies desire a stronger relationship with their customers, making
it harder to exchange the products for other offers, both on a functional
and on an emotional level. In this highly competitive and individual
world companies are increasingly depending on the brand as a competitive weapon. 

The brand has become the carrier of the emotional value
proposition towards the customers and a symbol of the specific
competence that builds up a company’s competitive advantage. Thus
the brand faces new challenges in giving meaning to a company’s whole
relationship with the customer.

Traditionally, branding has been a marketing communication tool, a visual
and verbal weapon owned by marketers and marketing consultants. In
order to earn trust and loyalty from the postmodern customer, it is time for
the rest of the company to take benefit of the assets embodied in the brand.

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