Sunday, 31 March 2013

Social Media For Customer Services: Just Do It!

At work or play, social media is how we stay connected to our larger personal and professional communities throughout the day. We use social media for PR and marketing, for news and sports updates, for recruitment, for team-building and much more.
Now companies, too, are using social media. From campaign launches to senior executive videos, from positive product news to greater transparency about industry issues, social media is changing how companies approach all facets of business. More and more, it's all in the name of better, more transparent customer service.
Social media tools offer far greater customer insight than we could've imagined even five years ago. Instead of just handling inbound calls, customer service reps are actively scouring industry hashtags for possible issues, responding to Facebook posts about products, and thanking customers with immediate replies and occasional discounts and promotions.
In short, social media is quickly changing what's expected in today's customer service world.
Generally, small-to-midsize businesses are open to using social media for customer service engagement processes. After all, they tend to have in-house customer service staffs on board and are agile enough to adopt social media as a way to work with customers' issues and needs.

Social Media & Costomer Services

Here are some final thoughts to leave with you.
  • Using social customer service gives your brand a voice

  • No longer is your company faceless. Your customer service team will, over time, find its voice on social media, and, soon, customers will start to warm to that human tone and will soon come to accept that voice as the representation of your company. A strong CEO or business-owner social presence works well, too.

  • Good customer service is rewarded all over the Web

  • How often do you see Web comments from users maligning a company's product due to short-sighted or indifferent customer service? If your team can speak honestly and consistently, with a clear corporate tone and policy, regarding complaints and more, you'll be rewarded by Web users in their comments on social media, business forums, sites like, and so on.

  • Social media helps in conflict management

  • Your customer service team can find possible business issues and customer trouble spots early on. The immediacy of social media can often escalate even the smallest online scuffles into major company dilemmas, unless you catch them early—anything from customer complaints that snowball into larger crises, to negative reactions over certain policy changes regarding ordering, shipping, or handling processes. Getting a grip on the challenges sooner will help in your overall customer service effort.